Helping You Get Your S#!T Together

Does your kitchen calendar look like a crime scene?
Are your busy kids getting busier with every passing year?
You need this app. 

KIDGYSTICS will turn you into the parent who never misses a signup date for summer camp and your kids will never miss out on joining the team with their friends. No matter how many activities your kids do, KIDGYSTICS will keep you organized and on track. It even connects you with other parents and organizations so you can find and plan the best activities for your family.


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Activities: Find and add activities using filters like location, age, interest, and price.

Friends and Guardians: You control who has access to your family’s information. Build and control a secure network of friends and guardians.

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Planning Calendar: Add activities and cross-reference your friends’ planning calendars so you can strategize carpooling before you commit.

Final Calendar: Your at-a-glance, one-stop-shop that holds all the answers to questions like “What is happening this week?” and “What time does the game start?” and “who else is going?” Syncable to your (and your friends and family’s) Google, iCloud or other calendar.

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Chat: No need to leave the app to message friends and leaders/coaches — send messages directly through KIDGYSTICS.


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